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Chemical and Biological Information Systems


CBIS Compounds
Manage corporate compounds and their properties. Provide registration procedures for checking duplicate structures and assigning unique Ids. Assign IUPAC names. Track inventory and withdrawal requests. Print barcode labels for vials or plates. Extensive searching capabilities that support substructure matching or property filtering. Provide links to lab notebooks and assay database.

CBIS Reactions
Manage reaction schemes and batches. Track reactants, products, conditions and reaction progress. Search reactants and products’ structures or properties. Provide links to lab notebooks, compound databases, and reagent inventory.

CBIS Reagents
Manage reagent inventory. Track amounts and withdrawal history. Link to vender databases. Support multi-level locations and stock room functionalities. Track safety information and provide reports for meeting regulations.

CBIS Biomaterials
Manage databases of proteins, plasmids, phages, other biological materials and their data. Provide links to compounds and assay data. Tools for sequence analysis and searching.

CBIS Sequences
Collection of tools for DNA and Protein sequence analysis, searching and presentation. Support restriction enzyme mappings, open reading frames, primer design, sequence alignment, property calculations.

CBIS Bioassays
Manage results for bioassays. Response curve fitting and EC50/IC50 determination. Table pivoting for multiple compounds and targets. Provide links to compounds, notebooks.

CBIS Bioassay-HTS
Track HTS plates and their data. Primary screen tools for identifying active compounds. Secondary screen tools for determining activities.

CBIS Documents
Manage databases of various types of documents. Support advanced searching for document contents and abstracts, key words. Automatically track document types.

CBIS Reports
Manage project reports or monthly reports. Support multiple attachments of all types of documents. Provide links to compounds, reactions, and assays. Search structures, sequences, and properties amount all linked items.

CBIS Notebooks
Manage different formats of notebooks. Chem4D can be used to create pages of text, structures, and graphics. Pages are searchable and can be viewed via a browser. Copies of physical notebooks can be stored and viewed on-line.

Chemistry 4-D Draw
Full-featured structure drawing and presentation program. Supports IUPAC nomenclature (names to structures, structures to names). Integrated with CBIS. Supports personal databases of structures, reactions, and graphics.

Safety & Regulation
Maintain compounds and reagents’ safety datasheet. Provide reports of safety data for meeting regulations.

Software, Hardware Requirements
Client: PC with Windows NT/2000/XP, Macintosh

Server Hardware: Pentium III or Higher, 256 MB Memory (RAM), 1 GB Disk Space

Server Software: Windows NT/2000/XP

Databases: ORACLE, Microsoft SQL Server, Others via ODBC

Links to users’ existing tools and databases. Support multi-sites, multi-databases

CBIS Advantages
Secured Internet/intranet access. Dynamically generated, user-friendly interface. Linking all types of corporate data. Integrated, customizable, extensible solutions. Cost effective.