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ChemInnovation Software, Inc. incorporated in California, 1995

ChemInnovation Software Inc is positioning itself to be a leading provider to of internet based software products for chemistry graphics, molecular modeling, chemical nomenclature, and chemical and biological information management. By taking an innovative framework approach to creating scientific applications we have given access to these powerful tools to scientists within Pharmaceutical companies and universities who previously could not afford them.
ChemInnovation's software was built from the ground up by a team of experts with over 10 years of experience in developing and supporting advanced scientific applications for major pharmaceutical companies. Our intimate knowledge of the enterprise's challenges, the workflow of the scientists and the application support required for them all to be successful is the foundation upon which we built our applications.

:: Major Products:

Desktop solutions:

  • Chemistry 4-D Draw, which includes two modules Nomenclator and NamExpert, for generating structure drawings, chemical nomenclature, and publications.
  • Sequence 4-D for DNA/protein sequence analysis, plasmid drawing, and DNA cloning

Enterprise solution:

  • Chemical and Biological Information System (CBIS): Is a Web-based enterprise database management suite for chemical and biological data and documents.

:: Core Benefits:

Corporations and Universities:
The Chemical and Biological Information System, CBIS, uses a framework approach to provide integrated, customizable Web-based enterprise solutions. Chemistry 4-D Draw and Sequence 4-D can be used as a stand alone desktop product or used within the CBIS framework. Since our solution is modular companies and universities can purchase exactly what they need and add new modules as their requirements change and or budget allows. Our competitors use a traditional approach to developing scientific applications. They force one large, expensive and inflexible program on their end users to address all possible problems. With its flexible configurations, data integration capabilities and affordability CBIS is a powerful and attractive solution for small or large scientific organizations alike.

Core users:
With CBIS scientists are instantly more productive as they can integrate virtually all types of existing data: molecule structures, bio-materials, experimental data, documents and graphics, in one centralized system. CBIS integrates with existing scientific applications as well as publishing tools such as Microsoft Office. CBIS also provides many powerful data analysis tools that are currently cost prohibitive for many smaller companies and universities. And for new users CBIS can also co-exist with the users' existing applications. Users can purchase what they need now and switch to other modules later.

Non-traditional User Benefits:
CBIS offers a consistent user interface with features that are much easier to use than traditional products. Team members across your organization need not be advanced users, nor be a scientist to use our applications. This allows CEO's and management teams to use CBIS to review critical company information.

By linking all pieces of enterprise data through one interface CBIS acts as a powerful collaboration tool. In addition to chemical and biological data, CBIS also provides modules for managing documents such as monthly reports, project reports, IP and patents files, and collaboration projects. All of this data is cross-linked. For example, with one click users can see a list of compounds with related Inventory, assays, notebook pages, experimental files and project reports.

Increased Efficiency and Reduced Costs:
Since the CBIS solution consists of a complete and integrated suite of modules converting data between multiple applications is unnecessary and maintaining the application is reduced to only one vendor. The end result is increased productivity for the end user and a direct maintenance cost savings for the corporation or university.

:: CBIS Licensing Model

CBIS has a flexible licensing model. Companies can pay licensing fees based on the number of users and number of modules purchased. Customers can also add additional modules or add additional user licenses at a later date. Customers will pay for a maintenance license which is based upon the total number of user licenses purchased.

CBIS licenses include customization to integrate or migrate users' existing data. This results in little or no software transition costs. In many cases companies may experience a cost savings due to their existing products' maintenance cost.

Currently, small and large pharmaceutical companies make up the majority of our customer base. Of these companies the small to mid-sized businesses will experience the largest benefit from CBIS due to its cost-effectiveness and low maintenance requirements.

:: CBIS Customer Base and Future Development

All of ChemInnovation Software Inc. products are being utilized today by over 20,000 scientists worldwide. ChemInnovation is focusing on offering our robust enterprise solution to our dedicated user base. As CBIS gains market share we will continue to support our user base by aggressively developing new modules for CBIS as well as providing enhancements and new features to our desktop products Chemistry 4-D Draw and Sequence 4-D