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Chemistry 4-D Draw

Draw Chemical Structures Intelligently

Chemistry 4-D Draw is a next-generation chemistry program combining the most advanced technologies in structure drawing.

Chemistry 4-D Draw Modules

  • NamExpert that understands IUPAC nomenclature rules.
  • Nomenclator
  • Chem4D Database
    manages databases of molecular structures, graphics and information associated with the data. It helps you to search and reuse graphics you have created.

Chem4D Graph module that creates multi-line graphs of different styles. It supports non-linear and linear curve fitting, response curve fitting and data analysis

The program allows you to create high-quality structures simply by entering molecular names. It assigns systematic names to structures. It includes a full set of tools for drawing, text and structure editing, and labeling.

Features include:

  • interactive 3-D rotation
  • syntax checking
  • hot-key labeling
  • multi-step undo
  • and creating structure templates with user-defined trivial names.

Next-generation Drawing Program:

  • Advanced Drawing Tools, Easy to Use!
  • Chem4D Database Organizes structures and graphics
  • Nomenclator Assigns IUPAC Names to Structures
  • NamExpert Interprets Chemical Names
  • NEW Chem4D Graph creates multi-line graphs of different styles
  • NEW Assign Chirality
  • OLE-2 Technology Saves You Time!
  • Full Color and All Fonts!
  • Object Transformations-rotate, move, scale, flip, align!
  • Multipage Document!
  • Export MDL MOL Files, Graphic Files!
  • Internet-Ready Send/Receive Graphics via Regular E-mail!

Cross Platforms:
Windows 10/8/7/XP, Macintosh OS X