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PowerRef ™ for Windows

A easy-to-use database program for managing bibliographic references costs less than others!

With PowerRef You Can

  • Manage references of journal articles, books, patents, reports, software, hardware, video, clips, and more. New reference types can be easily defined;
  • Store bibliographic information, keywords, abstracts, notes, and more, with each reference. Quickly define your own fields;
  • Search, sort, mark, and print references;
  • Attach graphics and documents to references;
  • Export references to your favorite word processor in a particular journal format, including required text styles (italic, bold, underline).
  • Export to files or the clipboard. Interactively define an unlimited number of new journal formats;
  • Import references from databases, on-line services, or other programs. Export references to other programs. Define new database formats.

PowerRef is Unique Because;

PowerRef allows you to attach any type of documents (graphics, MS Word, Word Perfect, etc.) to references. You can save these documents within PowerRef databases or save as links. You can view graphics in PowerRef and open documents using other programs;
Ease of Use. Its carefully designed commands and dialog boxes provide quick access to many powerful functions. Extensive on-line help is available;
Open Architecture Design. You can add an unlimited number of fields, reference types, bibliographic formats, and import/export database formats;
Solid Database Management. You can create an unlimited number of databases and store an unlimited number of records in each database;

Summary of Features

Editing Capabilities

  • Multi-step Undo and Redo
  • Define an unlimited number of user fields
  • Change names of any fields including user-defined fields
  • Easily define new reference types
  • Use value-aid lists for any fields. Dynamically search and update values
  • Instant cut/copy/paste between your word processor and PowerRef
  • Expanded Edit Window
  • Change reference types instantaneously
  • Navigate to other records while editing
  • Duplicate current record
  • Check duplicate while editing
  • Attach graphic images
  • Attach any type of documents (MS Word, Word Perfect, etc.)
  • Attach files within databases or as links

Viewing and Browsing

  • User-controllable display fields and formats
  • Tabbed Pages for easy switching between List View and Full View
  • Tabbed Notebooks for instant toggling among options: all records, marked records, searched records
  • View attached graphic files
  • Save attached graphics or documents to disk
  • Open other programs (MS Word, Word Perfect, etc.) to view attached documents

Searching and Sorting

  • Sort records by multiple fields
  • Simultaneously search patterns in multiple fields
  • Search key words in any fields

Importing Capabilities

  • Import many types of formats: tagged lines, tab delimited, comma delimited, multiple lines, and more
  • Supports On-line service formats and formats of other reference programs
  • Easily define new import filters
  • Quickly merge new filters downloaded from ChemInnovation Software's www site
  • Exchange filters with co-workers and peers

Exporting Capabilities

  • Export formatted references
  • Export references in rich text format
  • Export on-line server formats and formats of other reference programs
  • Easily define new export filters
  • Merge new journal formats or database formats downloaded from ChemInnovation Software's www site
  • E-mail export filters to co-workers


  • Page Setup
  • Control page margins and line spacing
  • Print formatted text
  • Support virtually all printers

Full Control of Font Faces, Styles and Colors for

  • Viewing
  • Editing
  • Printing
  • Exporting

Multiple-Document Support

  • View and edit multiple databases

On-Line Help

  • Hyper-text style on-line help
  • Free Technical Support

We offer free technical support to registered users via E-Mail, Fax, Telephone

System Requirements

PowerRef runs on IBM PC and compatible computers, 386 or higher, running Windows 3.1/95/NT. It requires 2 MB of memory and 4 MB of hard disk space.

Free PowerRef Demo for Windows